Supplemental insurance can help cover unexpected expenses that are not covered by other insurance.

Combined Insurance Sales representatives

Combined Insurance sales representatives, are Independent Contractors.

They listen to your individual needs then offer personalized advice to help you choose the right supplemental insurance products for you and your family.

From supplemental accident and sickness insurance–to disability and life insurance, sales representatives at Combined Insurance understand what it means to put the customer first.

For us, "do the right thing because it's the right thing to do" is more than a slogan - it's our way of doing business every single day.

Combined Insurance sales representatives are people who care about helping you achieve your goals.

James' Story Sales Representative

During a recent visit with one of his policyholders, Combined Insurance Sales Representative - Jim, spent time with her and reviewed her existing policy. While doing so, Jim learned about some recent changes in her life and suggested that she consider adding supplemental disability insurance into her overall coverage This added layer of supplement insurance would help fill a gap in her coverage, resulting from her life change, and would provide her with peace of mind into the future.

It's something Jim does with all of his customers to make sure they are appropriately covered - even as their needs continue to change over time. From assisting with filing a claim to spotting gaps in a customer's coverage, Jim's goal is to service his customers.

"This customer's situation isn't uncommon. Very frequently I find that customers' personal situations and circumstances change from one year to the next - which can impact the type of supplemental insurance coverage that they need to be fully protected. Once she told me about her life change, I immediately helped her to understand the risk if she were unable to work for any period of time. Once she understood the risk, and the potential protection the Combined Insurance policy afforded her - the decision was easy."

"I'm in it for the long haul. I take care of my customers - which means keeping up with their busy lives and changing needs. Service is a big part of my job."

Mandana's Story District Leader

When Combined Insurance District Leader - Mandana, called one of her policyholders, she learned that her customer had recently been hospitalized from an accident. The customer had submitted her claim to the Combined Insurance Customer Service Center, but due to a language barrier she was unable to obtain her discharge form from the hospital to include with the claim. Mandana knew that this documentation would be needed to process the claim and advised her customer on how she could obtain it from the hospital.

Because of Mandana's assistance, the claim was processed and her customer was so satisfied with the personalized service that she expanded her overall supplemental insurance coverage plan.

"She told me immediately that she had a claim that had not been paid."

"In talking to her, she showed me the claim and a letter from our Customer Service Center. The letter explained to her that she needed to send in a discharge form for the hospital stay."

Customer – Combined Supplemental Insurance"Together we called the hospital. I informed the hospital about the situation, told them what the policyholder needed, and then I placed the customer on the phone so she could request the discharge form from the hospital. (Due to HIPAA privacy laws, the hospital can only release that information to the patient, but due to a language barrier it would have been difficult for the customer to obtain the documentation on her own.) The hospital told her they would send it to her. With the documentation, she was able to finalize the claim and receive her reimbursement."

"She was so satisfied that she asked for a follow-up meeting to review her current supplemental insurance coverage - and realized that she could benefit from a sickness policy too."

Brian's Story Sales Leader

Combined Insurance Sales Leader - Brian knows more than just his policyholders' names - he knows their stories too. He knows what his clients do for a living and what kinds of needs their families have.

One of his clients is self-employed, and Brian knows that self-employed people have special needs when it comes to insurance. He also knows that if they can't work, they're losing money, which directly affects the family's bottom line. As it turned out, the family didn't know just how important their Combined Insurance coverage was until about two weeks after they purchased their supplemental accident insurance policy.

"They took our family accident coverage for themselves and their two kids. About two weeks later, the husband was out walking in his neighborhood, it was icy outside. Someone in a car wasn't paying attention, talking on a cell phone, and they hit him."

"He was in intensive care for eight days, and in convalescent care for several days after that. That scenario might sound ridiculous, but it happens. I get calls once a week from clients who needed stitches, or who had minor injuries, but this was one of the most serious cases I've had. You never know when you might need our supplemental accident coverage, but it's good to have it when you do."

Maralyne - A family – Combined Supplemental Insurance
Maralyne's Story A family

Our Combined Insurance agent reviewed our coverage with us and discussed additional options for our consideration. She was patient and considerate while focusing on our needs.

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