One of my policyholders was hurt and unable to work. She realized how important our supplemental disability insurance policy was to help some of her lost income.

Financial Information

Whether you're considering insuring with Combined Insurance, or are already a policyholder, we know a key part of your decision is rooted in our financial standing. We're proud of our financial strength and are happy to share with you financial information, financial statements, and the rankings we've earned from professional financial rating organizations:

A.M. Best A+
Standard & Poor's AA

We're also happy to share our most recent financial statements with you.

2015 Statutory Results*:
Premiums written: $439,899
Revenue: $206,896
Net operating gain (before Tax): $7,789
Invested assets & cash: $1,137,947
Total assets: $1,316,657
Insurance liabilities: $956,108
Total liabilities: $1,236,756
Total capital & surplus: $79,901

* US Dollars in thousands

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