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Supplemental Insurance - Customer Stories

For almost 90 years, Combined Insurance has provided protection and peace of mind for individuals and families when they needed it the most.

But don't just take our word for it. Read these personal insurance customer stories.

They'll share with you how their Combined Insurance supplemental policies have made life easier for them when an unexpected event touched their lives.

Jaime Married mother of two

Earlier this year I became extremely sick and missed work for more than three months, putting my family in a very difficult financial situation.

I was so lucky to have sickness insurance because we would have been on the verge of being homeless due to my illness. I was out of work for more than three months but Combined Insurance was there for me and my family the whole way with prompt handling of my claim and the arrival of my benefit checks. Combined Insurance made a really horrible time a whole lot easier for me and my family.

Melinda An Individual

Being disabled is a life-changing experience and can be very scary. Without my disability insurance benefits from Combined Insurance, and the company’s prompt payment of my claims, I would be facing financial ruin.

I recommend Combined Insurance to all my friends, and while talking to my bank teller the other day, who also is a policyholder, we both remarked about the great service provided by the company. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there when needed.

Sergio Family of 3: father, mother and daughter

Our daughter was diagnosed with leukemia several years ago. 

My family and I were covered under Combined Insurance's cancer policy, but in the midst of helping our daughter through her battle with leukemia, my wife and I had forgotten that we carried cancer insurance coverage. 

Thanks to the team at Combined Insurance, we were able to claim out-of-pocket medical expenses related to her illness even though some time had passed since we received the bills.

Our Combined Insurance Agent pointed out to us that the family cancer insurance coverage we carried was in effect at the time our daughter was diagnosed with leukemia. She helped us get the ball rolling to file our claims. Her suggestion on how best to process the claims brought great peace of mind to myself and my family. The Combined Insurance Customer Service team showed their willingness to work with us in securing the required documentation.

Our thanks to Combined Insurance for approving the claims even though some time had passed since our daughter was first diagnosed. This is a testament to Combined Insurance's dedication to its customers.

Anonymous A family

We faced an unfortunate situation and needed help understanding our supplemental insurance policy and the claims process.

Our Combined Insurance Agent was most kind and understanding of our needs. He, as well as, others in the company were tremendously helpful in explaining our supplemental insurance policy and the claims process. We appreciated Combined Insurance's help with our matter ... they certainly put our minds at ease.

Rayleen An individual

I have an accident and sickness insurance policy with Combined Insurance. Recently, I filed a claim, after having surgery, and I had some questions regarding the claim. I contacted Combined Insurance for some assistance with my claim paperwork and received helpful answers to my questions.

I was connected with a very helpful Combined Insurance customer service representative. He explained in clear detail what needed to be done to complete my claim, not only by me, but also by Combined Insurance. The representative acted with professionalism, kindness and respect for me and my situation. I had my first claim check in about one week. The representatives' dedication as an employee of Combined Insurance was invaluable!

Maralyne A family

A Combined Insurance agent came to our home to review our coverage with the company.

Our Combined Insurance agent was patient and considerate while discussing our supplemental insurance coverage during a recent visit at our home. She inquired about any life changes that we have experienced since her last visit to ensure our coverage met with our current family situation. During that conversation, she highlighted additional insurance policy options for us to consider based on our needs.

Carolyn A woman representing the interests of various members of her family

I needed to make sure papers validating my appointment as a conservator on some insurance policies were properly filed with Combined Insurance. In addition, I had to change a mailing address on a family member's policy and make sure that proper name changes were completed on three policies, due to marriage.

Combined Insurance's customer service representative helped me get the address change completed. We also discussed the name changes that needed to be made on three supplemental insurance policies. The representative explained to me that the name changes would take effect upon receipt of written requests of the owners of each insurance policy. She was very courteous in helping me get my various items taken care of

Hilda and Walter A husband and wife

We had some general questions regarding the supplemental insurance policies we carry with Combined Insurance. We also needed copies of the insurance policies for our records.

A Combined Insurance customer service representative quickly responded to a letter we wrote to the company that included our questions regarding our supplemental insurance policies. It is indeed a rarity, in our time, to receive such a prompt reply. We certainly did appreciate the interest in our needs. The representative mailed copies of both insurance policies to us and suggested that we keep them in a safe place, which we did. It was a pleasure to work with the Combined Insurance customer service representative on this matter. The representative was so polite and courteous; it was nice to find someone in the business world who still has good manners.

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