Combined Insurance Policyholder Services Center

You've put your trust in us to make sure your insurance needs are met and we want to make sure we continue meeting those needs, no matter what life brings you. Life is full of changes, and we're here to help you navigate those changes, while making sure if you need us, we're there for you.

My Self Service Account

Our Self Service website is your 24/7 access point to your valuable Combined Insurance coverage. Simply register and you have instant access to your policies, payment history and claim information. You’re also able to update your personal information and access convenient online payment options. It’s quick, easy and 100% secure.

Did you know that you can view and print your Combined Insurance policy from our Self Service website?
Click on the link below to register for Self Service and get started managing your account.

Policyholder Actions

  • File a Claim - when filing claims, the insurance Policyholder Services Center strives to make it easy, from start to finish. And our customer service insurance counselors are always happy to help.
  • Change Customer Information - learn how simple it is to change important information like your address, beneficiary or bank information.
  • Learn about Privacy - and how it protects your privacy.
  • Contact Policyholder Services - we can help you save money on some of your everyday healthcare costs.
  • Manage your account online - Our Self Service website provides you with instant access to policies, payment history and claim information. It’s easy, quick and available any day, any time, anywhere.

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